Sabrina Dawood

Sabrina Dawood is the CEO of The Dawood Foundation (TDF) since 2013. She is also on the board of Dawood Hercules Corporation Ltd and Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL). Sabrina is also involved in managing Dawood Public School, an all-girls school, in Karachi.

In her tenure as the CEO, Sabrina is continuing the family legacy to promote education across all strata of society without discrimination of class, gender or ethnicity. Besides further enhancing established educational institutes Sabrina has also taken initiatives to create avenues of informal learning such as TDF MagnifiScience, TDF Children’s Studio, TDF Ghar and TDF Nature Series documentaries.

Sabrina holds an MSc in Medical Anthropology from University College London and a BA from London School of Economics in Anthropology & Law.