Rabia S. Ahmed

Vice president Magnus Sports. First Pakistani female sports agent with a background in law, presently represents some of Pakistan's top athletes. Focused on improving the sport scenario in Pakistan.
Rabia is a sports enthusiast, she has been working for the promotion of sports in Pakistan since graduating from law school in 2012. Taking on volunteer roles as photographer for sporting events for men and women’s football, and tennis. Whilst volunteering she quickly learned that pakistani athletes had a lot of hurdles and no aid to help.

In 2016 she set out to pursue a full-time career in Sports. Her experience in the field ranges from assisting and marketing top athletes in the country to working on developing and drafting rules of competition for sport leagues.

Rabia is actively working to elevate the level of sports in Pakistan, with the hope to see the athletes compete with the best of the best at every sporting event, and placed at the top of the medal table around the globe.