Saba Akber

Saba Akber hails from Sindh, a girls who is spreading a positive image of Pakistan through out the world. She is an architect , photographer by proffesion & works for Arif Belgaumi Architects, she has served as special project architect for Pakistan Environmental Planning & Architectural Consultants, which is of supreme importance. She is a solo traveller, storyteller & frequently visits interior areas in order to present stories of heritage sites, native people, street food through photos. She is working to empower,educate youth of Lyari by engaging them in different activities & is the first one to conduct photowalks through out the city. She believes people get to learn alot through photo walks thats why she is letting people embrace diversity. She was recently invited to SZABIST Karachi where she conducted a session on storytelling through photography and later took students for a photowalk. The wonderful lady is heading the project Karachi- Travelogues.