Aaisha Qadir

With a background of blogging and influencer marketing, I not only run my own Fashion Blog (www.instagram.com/aaisha_meetstheworld) alongside my work and studies. I believe we all have that little or big potential in us to bring a positive change in the society as a whole if we do our part with honesty and truthfulness. I strongly believe in raising voices where the opinions need to be shared and emphasis needs to be put on. I have my own User-Generated Platform for Hijabis which goes by the name Hijabis of Pakistan where I gather stories of different Hijabis and let them inspire people and the world. The link for the page is facebook.com/HijabisofPakistan However, I do make sure that no sentiment is hurt in the process. Being a passionate student of Content, I love to read and write and this is why I opt for careers in the same field. Just like all the other successful women or people in general, I think the most essential step in getting success is hard-work and consistency.