Sheema Kermani

Sheema Kermani is a Pakistani social activist, theater director and exponent of Bharatnatyam dance.
Kermani was born into a middle-class educated family in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. She went to the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Karachi. Later she went to London to earn a degree in arts and returned to Pakistan. She realized that women in the Pakistani society were not able to get equality in the society so she started a movement called 'Tehrik-e-Niswan' (Women's Movement) and raised her voice for their rights, health issues, education and equality.
Kermani recently appeared at the shrine of Sehwan Sharif after the barbaric suicide attack and performed dhamal (a Sufi dance form). She gave a passionate performance and told the media that nobody can stop music and dance.
She performed at the Faiz Aman Mela, Lahore where she paid a tribute to Asma Jahangir. She said we can bring peace, harmony and equality by loving each other and by sharing the message of love with each other.