Rashida Nisar

Rashida Nisar, one of the most famous Journalist, Columnist and Psychologist of her time born a year before Pakistan came into being in 1946 at Aligarh India. At that time Aligarh India was the center of arts literature and culture in undivided India.
She is the eldest daughter of one of founders of Pakistan and most renown scientist Afzal Hussain Qadri.
She started writing her columns at the age of 9 and by the time she reached university she was recognised by her regular column in Daily Jang by name ‘Na Hikayatain Na Shikayatain’
Rashida completed double masters in psychology and Journalism and get associated with another popular daily newspaper named ‘Mashriq’
By the time her first publication with the name ‘Faryadain’ became popular with the literary circles in Pakistan which she co-authored along with Parween Shakir, Asad Ashraf Malik and Suraya Jabeen.
She has authored three books and thousand of columns addressing some of the important social development factors of Pakistan.