Samina Shoaib

Social Contributions
1. Executive member Female Sports Committee Rawalpindi
2. Executive committee member of former CM Punjab (NFBE) In the domain of Mian Shahbaz Sharif’s project titled as ‘Parho Punjab Barho Punjab’, as a member of established more than fifty FLC and ALC non-formal schools.
3. Former vice president Socio Legal Anchors Foundation
4. Project Implementation Partner in a project with Aurat Foundation.
5. Established Awaz Agahi Centers in three UCs’ of Rawalpindi where the quick steps were taken to solve women’s problems, worked with MNA of minority communities.
6. Provided minorities with their birth certificates and ID cards.
7. Senior Vice President of “Ehsas Foundation”, worked for girl’s education and girls self-reliance projects. 8. Coordinator NADR for the availability of Nadra mobile van in all union coñuncils of Rawalpindi.
8. Organized Medical campus