Kinza Iqtidar

Currently, I am working in FATA areas. I grew up in the political environment and was passionate to join politics but more than that I was keen to help my people by resolving their all kinds of issues. Despite facilities and financial support, I started social work to solve problems by informing myself about the problems made by people especially by visiting to the hospitals, schools and other public relief centres. I am very grateful to the media who further helped to raise my voice.
After seeing the situation in FATA and tribal areas, I took initiative to gather reports of tribal areas and shared their problems with different NGOs. I started Working at issues of Schools, hospitals and women due to which I got reward of “Quaid-i-Qbail” and “Fakhr-e-Qbail”, I also rewarded by Al-Khidmat Foundation based on my performance. In 2016, FATA became a part of the political alliance. I began efforts to raise voice on different
platforms for integration of FATA, which was encouraged by public and got lot of support on social media, which I am very grateful to my social media supporters who supported me that much and encouraged me. With social work, I also decided to join the politics, by the inspiration of present situation and the PTI's five-year provincial government, I joined PTI and now InshAllah would like to move forward through the platform of PTI. I want to accomplish my missions and the day is very close.